10 Reasons to Love DIY Repair

While some “do-it-yourself (DIY)” people have been doing major repairs for most of their lives, a good portion of our consumers are also attempting appliance repair for the first time. For the experts, newbies and everyone in between, there are at least ten reasons folks love DIY repair:

  1. Save Money
    Okay, so this one is the most obvious and most common reason people love to fix their appliances and other equipment themselves – the savings. You can save an average of $100 to $300 per repair when you do it yourself.
  2. Save Time
    Have you ever tried to schedule an appointment with a service technician only to be told it’ll be a week until they can send someone out? When your refrigerator or snowblower isn’t working, who’s got a week to wait? If you order an in-stock part! Once you get the part, you do your repair on your schedule – not some repair company’s.
  3. Being Green
    Between recycled products and electric vehicles, more and more people are being green these days. However, millions of appliances are thrown out each year. What better way to help the environment than to repair your appliance or equipment yourself instead of throwing it out and adding to the world’s landfills?
  4. Empower Yourself
    Nothing is more empowering than doing something you didn’t think you could do. Since your average person tends to call a repair technician first, fixing something yourself is a definite confidence booster!
  5. Look for Other Opportunities
    With your newfound confidence, you may soon start looking around your home for other things you can repair. You also may find yourself searching for broken down appliances/equipment online to see if you can fix it!
  6. Stress Less
    Once you’re a DIY expert, you’ll find yourself much less stressed the next time something breaks in your home. Why stress when you can repair it yourself?!
  7. Feel at Home
    Ever go into a home improvement store and feel intimidated because many of the items seem a bit alien to you? Once you build up your confidence with DIY repair, you’ll be sailing through these stores like you’re at home.
  8. Gain Knowledge
    Who says you stop learning once you’re done with school? DIY repair teaches you how different appliances or pieces of equipment work, what the parts are and how to troubleshoot when there are problems.
  9. Set Good Example
    When you take the initiative to fix something you’re setting an excellent example for your children or other loved ones. Especially when they’re there to see the appliance or piece of equipment working like new at the end!
  10. Become DIY Guru
    There’s something magical that happens when you start fixing things yourself … friends and family start seeing you as a DIY guru and will begin to ask you for help when their appliances/equipment breaks. Instead of fixing the item for them, direct them to PRC Maintenance and our repair help so they can do the fixing. Then they’ll soon discover their own reasons to love DIY repair!

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