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About the Author

I have a history of fixing things.
I have always enjoyed fixing things for people, because most people are sincerely appreciative because I just saved them some money, or kept a favorite whatever working for them.

Since the world started changing in 2020, I have found myself in early retirement.
I have been taking some time to work on my business, looking for ways to better help others in the same boat.

Should I Do It Myself?

A good quality I’ve learned over the years,
is to know when to hire a professional.

Some jobs can become a little larger than you might have originally thought.

Let me help you make that decision when thinking about your next project.


I have been a licensed electrician for over 20 years, with my own electrical contracting business for 10 years.
For the past 9 years I have been a building maintenance manager at a nursing home.
I was responsible for fixing just about anything, and bringing in contractors when required.
I have made a lot of small repairs, as well as, gutted, and redone the plumbing, electrical and drywall in a house, and added bathrooms.

Let me help guide you through some of the steps to doing a job yourself, or finding the right help.
I will cover some basics related to home renovations and repairs.
I will even include some success stories.
If you would need some answers or ideas, or you would like to offer your 2 cents to help someone,
please feel free to use the Contact Form or call  us at 705-707-9747, and we can help each other.

I have always enjoyed the opportunity to help others.
So let me have an opportunity to help you get things working the way you like.


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